Meta 3: La gobernanza nacional, regional, e internacional que afecta a las especies migratorias y sus hábitats habrá mejorado significativamente, haciendo que los procesos políticos, normativos y de implementación pertinentes sean más coherentes, responsables, transparentes, participativos, equitativos e inclusivos.


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►    The Memorandum of Understanding for the conservation of cetaceans and their habitats in the Pacific Islands Region: Whale and Dolphin Action Plan 2013-2017 includes:

Theme 6 - Cultural Significance and Value:


• TK and other customary practices and values documented and incorporated where relevant.

• Review on gaps carried out and report published and disseminated.

• Artifacts and narratives (oral histories) documented and conserved in local museums.

Theme 9 - National, Regional and International Collaboration and Cooperation:


• Number of national, regional and international organisations, processes and frameworks.

• Number of PIR whale and dolphin conservation needs that have been incorporated.

• Number of national, regional and international partnerships created to support WDAP implementation.

• Number of NBSAPs or equivalent strategies integrating WDAP action.

• Capacity strengthened to draft, manage and enforce legislation and policy in country/territory.