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Practical Information on the organization of Side Events and Exhibitions (CMS COP13)

Side Events and Exhibits will take place in dedicated spaces of the CMS COP13 venue, at the Mahatma Mandir Convention and Exhibition Center in Gandhinagar, India.

Access to the Conference Venue is only possible for pre-registered delegates holding badges. We therefore urge interested attendees that have not yet registered to do so by using the online registration form.

We kindly invite those interested in organizing a Side Event or an Exhibition to refer to the following information and to access the appropriate Registration Forms.


Side Events

   Side Events Full Programme

   Side Events Schedule

   Side Events Booklet

Side events have a maximum duration of 45 minutes and are scheduled to happen in two sessions of the day, to avoid overlaps with Working Groups and Committee meetings.

- Lunch Time Sessions:

  • Sub-slot A)  12.45 -13.30 h
  • Sub-slot B)  13:45 – 14:30 h

- Evening Session:                    

  • 18.15-19.00 h

Side events will take place from 17 to 20 February 2020.

Please note that on Monday side events are to be scheduled only during the Lunch Time (two sessions). There will be no side events on Friday, 21 February as an excursion is being organized by the Host Country on that day for all COP Participants nor on Saturday, 22 February.



There are five typical side event rooms available with an average capacity of 75 people. In addition, there is the possibility to use a theatre that can accommodate about 800 people, for the projection of films and videos or ceremonies.

Side event rooms are equipped with a projector, a speaker’s rostrum, a laptop, a Wi-Fi connection, two microphones, and power sockets. Please feel free to use your own equipment and make sure to bring adapters and extension cords as they are not provided at the venue.

Further technical details on power sockets and plugs can be found in the fact sheet for COP13 participants.     

Please note that no interpretation services will be provided for side events.



Wildlife Cinema at COP13

   COP13 Cinema Weekly Schedule & Programme

From 17 to 22 February 2020, under the theme “Migratory species connect the planet and together we welcome them home”, governments, scientists, international organizations, conservation groups and wildlife experts will convene at the largest UN Wildlife Conference of the year – the 13th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Migratory Species (CMS COP13) in Gandhinagar, India.

During the Conference (17 to 22 February excl. Friday 21), short movies will be screened at the movie theater (~800 p. capacity) located at the Mahatma Mandir Convention and Exhibition Center. 

Interested organizations or individuals can submit their movie(s) for screening at this international event if their project meets the minimum requirements specified further down in this page.

All submitted movies are subject to review and approval from the members of the selection board at the CMS Secretariat. Due to the limited number of time slots, the selection will be done on a “first come first served” basis and after the schedule is filled, no more submissions can be accepted. The selection board retains the right to reject any selected movie at a later stage even after the selection is completed. After the selection, details of the movie (title, short description, name of the organization or individual) will appear on a webpage on the CMS website in relation to the CMS COP13.


  • Themes: Migratory Species, Wildlife Conservation, Ecological Connectivity
  • Duration: Up to 30 min.
  • Resolution: HD or higher
  • Format: MP4 (H264 codec)
  • Status: Only finished movies (color-corrected, mastered audio, no work-in-progress)
  • Deadline for Submissions: 1 February 2020
  • Language: Any language with English subtitles
  • Copyright: Creative Commons License or a written statement giving permission to screen the movie at COP13. The purpose of the screening is non-commercial. The screenings are free of charge and only for the Conference participants; no income will be generated, and CMS shall not owe any financial compensation to the producer/director or copyright owner of the project in exchange for the screening.


The screenings will be scheduled from Monday 17 through Saturday 22 February 2020 (excl. Friday 21) at specific timeslots in parallel to other side events (lunch breaks and evenings) to avoid overlapping with the Conference sessions.



India Pavilion




The Mahatma Mandir Convention and Exhibition Center in Gandhinagar offers an enormous space available for international and national exhibitions throughout the week.

All COP13 participants are encouraged to present their work or any related issues relevant to the objectives of the Convention on Migratory Species and to COP13 Agenda in the form of an exhibit.

Those interested in this opportunity, please fill in the Registration Form for Exhibits below and return it to the attention of the dedicated focal point:

Mr. Sanjeev Tyagi

Director in the Gujarat Forestry Research Foundation

[email protected]

 phone +919409306399


The exhibitions will take place throughout the week. More information will be added as soon as available.


The venue provides a large hall of about 4000 m2 and over forty exhibition stalls of various sizes.

There are different categories of exhibition stalls available, associated with different costs, services and equipment.  For details of the different categories and prices, click here)

For information on these specifications please contact the dedicated focal point:

Mr. Sanjeev Tyagi

[email protected]

phone +919409306399