Meta 6: Las actividades pesqueras y de caza no tendrán impactos perjudiciales importantes, directos o indirectos sobre las especies migratorias, sus hábitats o sus rutas migratorias, y los impactos de la actividad pesquera y de la caza se encuentran dentro de límites ecológicos seguros.


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►    The Memorandum of Understanding for the conservation of cetaceans and their habitats in the Pacific Islands Region: Whale and Dolphin Action Plan 2013-2017  includes:

Theme 3 - Threat Reduction:


• Improved catch reporting systems.

• System of collecting data from fishing operators on by-catch and depredation developed and used.

• Properly tested depredation/mitigation techniques.

• Increased adoption of mitigation techniques by fisheries.

• Improved reporting and recording of direct take data/information.

• Management system in place, e.g. management plans, policies, regulations etc that ensure sustainability of species stocks.

• Adoption of international regulations/agreements applied to capture activities.

►    The Memorandum of Understanding concerning the conservation of the Manatee and small cetaceans of Western Africa and Macaronesia - Action Plan for the Conservation of small cetaceans of Western Africa and Macaronesia includes:

Theme 3 - Ecosystem and Habitat Protection:


• Workshop conducted and report available.

• Liaison with regional fishery bodies and NGOs.

Theme 4 - Threat Reduction:


• Sustainable principles applied to any direct take, and international regulations and agreements applied to capture activities.

►    The International Single Species Action Plan for the Conservation of the Argali includes:

Objective 1 - To stabilize argali numbers and range and reverse negative trends:


• Trophy hunting operations follow international good practice (IUCN 2012) Quotas are scientifically based and sustainable.

• Process for setting quotas, licences and allocating concessions is transparent.

• Community involvement in trophy hunting programmes.