Regional workshops in preparation for CMS COP14 (Pre-COPs) are convened to provide an opportunity for Parties to have an overview of the priority issues for each region to be considered by the COP and discuss them beforehand.  

Pre-COPs aim to provide a better understanding of the Convention and COP functioning, foster the exchange of information among Parties, promote the development of common positions on issues of priority interest and strengthen the institutional capacity of Parties by promoting their participation in the negotiations.    

This year Pre-COPs will be held online, and will be organized for the following regions:  

Africa, Asia, Europe,  

Latin America & the Caribbean,  


Pre-COPs will take place according to the following schedule:  

Oceania: 17 October from 1.00 to 5.00 CEST and 18 – 19 October, from 1.00 to 4.00 CEST

Latin America & the Caribbean: 23 October from 15.00 to 21.00 CEST and 24 October from 16.00 to 21.00 CEST 

Africa, Asia, Europe: 26-27 October from 9.30 to 15.30 CEST  

The workshops will be held in English with interpretation into French and Spanish as necessary. The composition of each region is based on the grouping made by CMS as indicated on this webpage:  


Pre-COPs are mainly aimed at NFPs planning to attend COP14. However, in order to maximize the benefits of these workshops, additional delegates of Parties attending COP14 or involved in related matters are invited to attend as well.

UNEP Regional Office and ACP Regional Hubs representatives will also be invited to attend the workshops. Pre-COPs will be closed to other stakeholders.


Quick access to the online pre-registration forms: 
Online (Pre) Registration for Africa, Asia and Europe 

Online (Pre) Registration for Latin America and the Caribbean  

Online (Pre) Registration for Oceania  

Link to: 

Africa Asia Europe Pre-COP webpage  

Latin America and the Caribbean Pre-COP webpage 

Oceania Pre-COP webpage