World Turtle Day

Bonn, 23 May 2015– World Turtle Day which is being celebrated on 23 May has been held yearly since 2000.   Different countries celebrate in different ways, from turtle dress-up, saving turtles on beaches and in the sea, to increased research activitites. Education and awareness on the plight of turtles are included in lesson plans and public events throughout the day.

Australia, Queensland in particular is gearing up for World Turtle Day, and the beaches of the Great Barrier Reef are in the spotlight. Dr Colin Limpus, a member of the Advisory Committee of the Indian Ocean – South-East Asia Marine Turtle Memorandum of Understanding and CMS COP-appointed Councillor for Marine Turtles, says promoting the day is important in the bid to protect the animals. Limpus states that first-hand controlled interaction between the public and turtles is important in raising awareness about these animals. "It's a very moving experience for a lot of people who have a limited exposure to wildlife," he says.

To hear more of what Colin Limpus had to say, please see the video below.

Through World Turtle Day, the organizers hope to highlight the rapidly decreasing numbers of turtles worldwide, and promote the need to protect and conserve the world’s oldest creatures.

Last updated on 19 October 2015