2021/007: IPBES Request for Inputs on Assessment on Sustainable Use of Wild Species, Scoping Reports for Assessments in Rreparation for Eighth Session of IPBES Plenary

The CMS Secretariat would like to draw attention to a call from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) to take part in the review of the second order draft of the chapters and the first order draft of the summary for policy makers of the IPBES sustainable use of wild species assessment.

The period for this external review of the assessment is until 10 June 2021.

Details on how to register as a reviewer for the sustainable use of wild species assessment can be found here.

Considering the potential importance of this IPBES deliverable for assessing progress towards the achievement of the targets of the Strategic Plan for Migratory Species 2015-2023 and the objectives of the Convention more in general, the Secretariat would like to encourage CMS Parties, members of the CMS Scientific Council, partner organizations and experts to contribute to the review, with special attention to issues of interest to the Convention.

The Secretariat would also like to draw attention to Notification EM/2021/10 concerning the preparations for the eighth session of the Plenary of IPBES (IPBES 8). Governments are invited to submit, by 24 May 2021, final comments on the scoping report for the nexus assessment (IPBES/8/3), the scoping report for the transformative change assessment (IPBES/8/4), and the interim work plans of the task forces (IPBES/8/7), available at: https://ipbes.net/event/ipbes-8-plenary. All these deliverables are relevant to the work under CMS. In this regard, the Secretariat would like to remind Parties of the request in CMS Resolution 10.8 (Rev.COP13) to CMS Focal Points and Scientific Councillors “to communicate and liaise regularly with the national representatives in the IPBES to ensure that the needs for research and policy guidance related to migratory species, especially those listed under CMS, are being adequately addressed by IPBES.” and the request in Decision 13.12 to the Scientific Council “to engage in relevant scoping processes and review of drafts of the IPBES thematic assessments adopted by IPBES-7 Plenary with a view to ensure that elements of connectivity are integrated”.


Last updated on 18 May 2021