2021/001: Nomination of Candidates for the COP-Appointed Councillor Subject Area of Invasive Species

Through this Notification the Secretariat is seeking nominations for suitable candidates for the  COP-appointed Councillor subject area of Invasive Species (including disease, feral animals, insects, marine pests and weeds).

Based on a recommendation of the Scientific Council, CMS COP13 approved that the subject area should be covered by a COP-appointed Councillor position within the Sessional Committee of the Scientific Council appointed for the intersessional period between COP13 and COP14.  COP13 could not make an appointment for the position due to the late submission of nominations, and entrusted the Standing Committee with the appointment in consultation with the Sessional Committee.

In consideration of the time elapsed since COP13,  it was agreed in consultation  with  the newly appointed chair and vice-chair of the Scientific Council and its Sessional Committee  to issue a new call for nominations for candidates for the position. It is important to note  that the position is expected to cover the subject of animal disease.

Considering the importance that the issue has been gaining since COP13 in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is hoped that nominations will include candidates with expertise on the subject.  The Scientific Council has already mandates to work on the subject of wildlife diseases from COP Resolutions, notably COP12 Resolution 12.06 Wildlife Disease and Migratory Species.

Nominations already submitted during COP13 should be resubmitted in response to this call upon verification that candidates are still available and their expertise is considered reflecting the adjusted focus.  

Attached herewith are generic terms of reference for COP-appointed Councillors. Parties are invited to submit nominations in writing to the Secretariat, [email protected], copying  [email protected] by 5 February 2021. Candidates do not necessarily have to be nationals of the Party submitting the nomination, or even of a CMS Party. Candidates should be internationally recognized experts in the field which they are proposed to cover as COP-appointed Councillor. Nominations should include a statement justifying the candidature, a CV of the candidate, as well as a declaration by the candidate expressing its readiness to accept the appointment if selected.  Appointment will be initiatially for the intersessional period between COP13 and COP14 and can be renewed by each subsequent meeting of the COP for the following intersessional period.

The working languages of the Scientific Council are English, French and Spanish. Considering that Conference-appointed councillors are usually called to coordinate and/or chair working groups at Scientific Council meetings, normally operating in English without simultaneous interpretation, a good command of English is considered necessary to efficiently undertake the task. Knowledge of other working languages of the Council would be an asset.

The positions of COP-appointed Councillor are not remunerated.  Based on currently applicable rules and policies, and subject to availability of resources, the Secretariat will  cover the travel and living expenses related to the participation of the COP-appointed Councillors in  meetings of the Sessional Committee of the Scientific Council (normally two in the intersessional period between two meetings of the COP) and of the COP (normally one meeting in a triennium).

The Secretariat will compile all nominations received and will make them available to the Sessional Committee of the Scientific Council and to the Standing Committee. The Sessional Committee will consult electronically on the nominations received with a view to formulating its recommendations on the selection to the Standing Committee.  

For further information or clarification on the COP-Appointed Councillor subject areas and the nomination process, please contact the CMS Scientific Adviser Mr. Marco Barbieri [email protected].

Last updated on 18 January 2021