2019/010: Timeline for COP13

The Secretariat of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (UNEP/CMS) would like to share with Parties a revised timeline on document deadlines and meetings in preparation to COP13.

Please note that two new meetings have been added:

·         The 49th Meeting of the Standing Committee (StC 49) will be held on 18-19 November 2019 in Bonn

·         Pending confirmation of the availability of funds, the pre-COP meetings will be held on 20-23 November 2019 in Bonn

A deadline for proponents to submit additional information on their proposals to amend the Appendices in light of comments received has also been added, as adopted by the 48th Meeting of the Standing Committee (StC48). Please find attached Annex I of the StC48 Report (the complete report can be downloaded here).

For further information, please contact Ms. María José Ortiz, Programme Management Officer, CMS Secretariat, [email protected]

Last updated on 04 July 2019