Ten sites from five countries (India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan)  were formally accepted into the WCASN at the launch ceremony in Kazakhstan on 18 May 2007 . The sites were nominated by national representatives of each of the countries. Certificates were presented at the launch by Mr. Khairbek Mussabaeyev, Deputy Chairman, Forest and Hunting Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Kazakhstan, and by Mr. Douglas Hykle, Senior Advisor of the Secretariat of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS).

Two sites from Pakistan were designated for including in the WCASN at the lunch ceremony in Germany on 8 June 2010. Certificates were handed to national representative from Pakistan by Mrs. Elizebeth Mrema, Executive Secretary of CMS.

Additional sites nominated by Azerbaijan, and the Russian Federation are currently under formal consideration.

Map of designated and proposed sites [PDF 184 KB

Atlas of the Siberian Crane Sites of Western/Central Asia [PDF 7,382 KB]

Designated and proposed WCASN sites (as to June 2010)

Site# Name of site Country Type of Use Status 
 1 Kunovat Russia  Breeding  Proposed
 2 Konda-Alymka Russia Breeding Proposed
 3 Belozerskiy Russia Migrating Proposed
 4 Tyuntyugur Hollow & Zhanshura Lake Kazakhstan Migrating Designated
5 Naurzum Lake System Kazakhstan  Migrating  Designated
 6 Zharsor-Urkash Lake System Kazakhstan  Migrating  Designated
7 Kulykol-Taldykol Lake System Kazakhstan Migrating  Designated
8 Turgai-Irgiz Lake System Kazakhstan Migrating  Proposed
9 Sarykopa Lake System Kazakhstan Migrating  Proposed
10  Tengiz-Kurgaljino Lake System Kazakhstan Migration  Proposed
11 Ural River Delta and Nearest Caspian Sea Coastal Zone Kazakhstan Migration  Designated
12  Astrakhan Nature Reserve Russia Migrating  
13  Agrakhan Bay and Terek Delta Russia Migrating Proposed
14 Shirvan National Park Azerbaijan Migrating Proposed
15 Gyzyl-Aghach State Nature Reserve Azerbaijan Migrating Proposed
16 Bujagh National Park Islamic Republic of Iran Potential wintering Designated
17 Fereydoon Kenar, Ezbaran and Sorkh Rud Ab-Bandanas Islamic Republic of Iran Wintering Designated
 18  Termez  Uzbekistan Potential wintering  Designated
 19  Tallymerjen & Kelif-Zeiyt  Turkmenistan  Migrating  Proposed
 20  Durnaly  Turkmenistan  Migrating  Designated
21 Ab-i-Estada Ornithological Sanctuary Afghanistan Migration  Proposed
22 Dashte-Nawar  Ornithological Sanctuary Afghanistan Migration  Proposed
23 Thanedar Wala Game Reserve Pakistan Migration  Designated
24 Taunsa Barrage Wildlife Sanctuary Pakistan Migration Designated
25 Etawah-Mainpuri India Wintering  Proposed
26 Keoladeo-Ghana National Park India Wintering  Designated