Designated on 18 May 2007 in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Country: Uzbekistan

Coordinates: 37019’N; 67006’E

Area: 8,400 ha

Overview: Termez is a protected area on the flood lands of the Amudarya River with cultivated grain fields, which are a good forage reserve for migrating and wintering waterbirds.

Importance for the Siberian Crane: This territory can be considered as a potential wintering site of the Siberian Crane. This species has never been recorded on this territory. However it is considered a suitable habitat for this species (extensive shoal with rich food resources and a low level of disturbance) with the purpose of introducing this disappearing species using birds reared in captivity.

Importance for other waterbirds: In 2001 this site was first recognized as an important wintering site of Eurasian Cranes. Since the time of this discovery, annual counts have been conducted with totals of up to 22,000 cranes.

More than 20,000 waterbirds spend the winter on the territory as average. According to annual winter counts maximum 68,881 birds of 38 species were registered in 2004, including the Greylag Goose (max. 55,868 birds in 2003), the Mallard (max. 14,057 birds in 2004), the Eurasian Crane (max. 22,169 in 2004), and the Northern Lapwing (max. 2,193 in 2004).

Map of Termez  [PDF 138 KB]

WCASN Site Information Sheet. Part I  [PDF 349 KB]

Sheet of Important Bird Area Birdlife International

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