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UNFCCC COP23 – Energy Task Force Promotes Renewable Energy Deployment in Harmony with Nature

At a side event organized by CMS, BirdLife International, NABU (the German conservation NGO) and ORÉE, the French organization for respect for the environment and enterprise, an expert panel described the risks to the environment as more renewable energy technologies are deployed. “Win-win” solutions are available, where clean energy can be produced to contribute to achieving a carbon-free future, while taking account of the need to reduce the impact on wildlife.

16 November 2017

Madagascar Signs Sharks MOU

Dr Johanita Benedicte Ndahimananjara, Minister of the Environment, Ecology and Forests of Madagascar signed the Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation of Migratory Sharks

15 November 2017

COP23 Side Event: Promoting Renewable Energy Deployment in Harmony with Nature

The Multi-stakeholder Energy Task Force convened under the auspices of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) is holding a side event tomorrow in the margins of the 23rd Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP23). Achieving the goals set at the Paris Climate Conference in 2015 requires a rapid transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies. However, if poorly planned, the deployment of new technologies could have negative impacts on nature, compromising the efforts being made to meet the relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other international commitments under treaties such as CMS and its related agreements.

13 November 2017

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Coastal Areas

International Experts Share Approaches to Conserve Tidal Mud Flats

08 November 2017

Dominican Republic – CMS Party No. 125

CMS is pleased to welcome the Dominican Republic as the 125thParty to the Convention with effect from today. The Dominican Republic occupies the eastern part of the island of Hispaniola in the Greater Antilles and has one of the region’s most varied climates, with rain forest conditions prevailing in the coastal and lowland areas. The island is prone to hurricanes which are most likely to occur from August to October, and was badly affected by Hurricane Maria in September this year.

01 November 2017

Protecting Chimps Is in Our Self-Interest

Chimpanzees - which share some 99 per cent of their DNA with us - are in trouble, despite national protection efforts across Africa, says the world-renowned conservationist Ian Redmond. “Although our zoological next of kin with the widest distribution of any ape apart from ourselves, they are an endangered species. Most are declining in number - victims of habitat loss and poaching - and have been extirpated in at least three, possibly five other countries,” he said.

27 October 2017

Greater Protection to Be Granted to Endangered Migratory Animals

Representatives of governments attending the year’s foremost wildlife summit have today taken a major step towards agreeing to strengthen measures for the conservation of a wide range of migratory species. The Conference of the Parties has today given the green light to add a number of endangered animals to the two Appendices of the Convention. Listing on Appendix I requires governments of Parties to protect the species while Appendix II calls for international cooperation to ensure that the conservation status of a species is favourable.

26 October 2017

Executive Director Solheim Addresses CMS COP

UN Environment’s Executive Director, Erik Solheim conveyed an upbeat message when he addressed delegates on the third day of the CMS Conference of Parties. On the prospects for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, his final rallying cry echoed Barack Obama’s election slogan “Yes We Can”.

25 October 2017

Preventing Waste from Reaching the Marine Environment

Last month, an international team of scientists and explorers reported an unusual find: two large chunks of polystyrene lyingon ice floes in a previously inaccessible part of the Arctic Ocean. The surprise discovery – hundreds of miles from land – is the first time plastic debris had been recorded in the area, which is usually covered in sea ice. Tim Gordon, the expedition’s lead scientist, said it confirmed just how far plastic pollution had reached.

25 October 2017

New Signatories and Cooperating Partners for MOUs

At a ceremony held during the CMS COP and presided over by CMS Executive Secretary, Bradnee Chambers, four countries became members of CMS Memoranda of Understanding while the WWF and the Peregrine Trust became cooperating partners to the Sharks MOU and Raptors MOU respectively. Burkina Faso signed the Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation of Migratory Birds of Prey in Africa and Eurasia becoming the 58th Signatory to do so.

24 October 2017