Article VII paragraph 4 of the Convention reads as follows: “The Conference of the Parties shall establish and keep under review the financial regulations of this Convention. The Conference of the Parties shall, at each of its ordinary meetings, adopt the budget for the next financial period. Each Party shall contribute to this budget according to a scale to be agreed upon by the Conference”.

Referring to the above Article of the Convention, COP13 in February 2020 adopted the budget for the triennium 2021-2023 and scale of contributions, through Resolution 13.2 on Financial and Administrative Matters. Based on the Resolution, the Secretariat regularly communicates with CMS National Focal Points for the settling of assessed contributions payable by Parties.

In response to the recommendation made by the Standing Committee meeting in September 2021, the Secretariat has started publishing  a report on the status of assessed contributions to the General Trust Fund of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) on the CMS website effective 4 August 2022. In accordance with Para.10 of UNEP/CMS/Resolution 13.2, the report also identifies Parties that have arrears of three years or more and Parties that hold seats in CMS Governing Bodies. The report further reflects Parties that have made advance payments for future year(s) as requested by Para. 5 of UNEP/CMS/Resolution 13.2.

CMS Parties are encouraged to review the status of their assessed contributions and contact the Secretariat should there be any discrepancies.

To ensure that payments are promptly identified and recorded, CMS Parties are requested to appropriately reference payments made to the CMS Trust Fund. A short notification to the CMS Secretariat upon payment would be highly appreciated.

The status of contributions will be updated on the webpage monthly.

For any further information and reconciliation of records, please contact Ms. Enkhtuya Sereenen, Administrative Officer, CMS Secretariat at [email protected].