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Mediterranean Cetaceans: First Results of Synoptic Survey Sightings

The preliminary results of the transects already covered under the ACCOBANS Survey Initiative (ASI) are now available on the ACCOBAMS website. ACCOBAMS launched ASI in June to improve the understanding of the conservation status of cetaceans at the Mediterranean/Black Sea macroregional level and work is still going on in the eastern Mediterranean.

03 August 2018

CMS Action Against Wildlife Crime Presented at IUCN Technical Meeting

From 12 to 13 July 2018, CMS attended the Technical Meeting of Experts regarding the IUCN World Conservation Congress (WCC) Resolution 70 on “Crimes against the Environment”, hosted by the IUCN Environmental Law Centre in Bonn, Germany. Participants from ten international organizations, including UN agencies, IGOs and NGOs met and shared their experiences in response to crimes against the environment and wildlife. CMS showcased its work on the issues of wildlife crime affecting avian, terrestrial and aquatic species and discussed with the international experts on legislation, enforcement and compliance in illicit wildlife trade and conservation of those species.

23 July 2018

Side Event on Solutions to Bycatch and Entanglement in Ghost Gear held at FAO COFI33

Rome/Bonn, 20 July 2018 - On 12 July, during the 33rd Session of the FAO Committee on Fisheries (COFI33), held in Rome, management solutions for ghost gear, also known a

20 July 2018

CMS Marine Noise Assessment Guidelines Promoted at the UN in New York

From 18 to 22 June 2018, government representatives and experts gathered at the Headquarters of the United Nations to discuss the issue of anthropogenic underwater noise in the context of the UN consultative process on Oceans and the Law of the Sea (ICP-19). CMS Executive Secretary, Bradnee Chambers, delivered an opening statement and brought the CMS Family Guidelines on Environmental Impact Assessments for Marine Noise-generating Activities to the attention of UN Member States.

26 June 2018

“ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative” – the First Large-Scale Mediterranean Cetacean Survey

It is estimated that the Mediterranean hosts almost 10 per cent of the world’s marine biodiversity despite it representing just 1 per cent of the world’s seas. Whales and dolphins are an essential component of the natural heritage of Mediterranean and Black Sea countries and play a key role in maintaining the equilibrium of marine ecosystems.

19 June 2018

Eyes on the Flyway Conference

The “Eyes on the Flyways” Conference, held at the Natural History Museum in Brussels on 24 May, was the concluding event of the LIFE EuroSAP project which set out to tackle the threats facing sixteen endangered bird species in Eurasia. Funded by the EU, LIFE EuroSAP involves 13 partners and covers 16 species the populations of which have been in continuing decline.

06 June 2018

Partnership Agreement Between the Born Free Foundation and CMS Signed

In the margins of the 3rd meeting of the Sessional Committee of the CMS Scientific Council being held in Bonn this week, a signing ceremony took place marking the conclusion of a partnership agreement between the Born Free Foundation and CMS. Signing the Agreement on behalf of the Born Free Foundation was the charity’s Head of Policy, Mark Jones.

31 May 2018

Third Meeting of the Sessional Committee of the Scientific Council Taking Place in Bonn

The third meeting of the Sessional Committee of the CMS Scientific Council is taking place in Bonn this week (29 May-1 June), its first gathering since last year’s Conference of the Parties in Manila. The Sessional Committee will consider strategic and institutional matters such as the Scientific Council’s rules of procedure, the subject areas of the COP-appointees, will review the implementation of its Programme of Work for 2016-2017 and develop the one for the triennium 2018-2020.

28 May 2018

Progress in Reaching International Mechanism for Conserving Endangered Eels

Representatives of over 20 Range States of the European Eel (Anguilla anguilla) and a number of IGOs and NGOs met in Malmö, Sweden, to discuss options for a mechanism to enhance international cooperation to conserve the critically endangered species. The meeting, chaired by a representative of the Swedish Government, was hosted by the World Maritime University, which recently celebrated the 35th anniversary of its foundation and is the only UN entity based in the country.

24 May 2018

Symposium Highlights Risk of Pesticides and other Chemicals on Migratory Species

The Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemicals (SETAC) held its 28th meeting in Rome from 13 to 17 May 2018, under the central theme “Responsible and Innovative Research for Environmental Quality”. One of the programme highlights was a special symposium on “Migratory Species at Risk, the Role of Pesticides and other Chemicals”, which took place on 15 May co-organized by CMS and the Wildlife Toxicology Interest Group which operates under SETAC.

24 May 2018