Objectif 6: La pêche et la chasse n’ont aucun effet néfaste direct ou indirect important sur les espèces migratrices, leurs habitats ou leur voies de migration, et les incidences de la pêche et de la chasse restent dans des limites écologiques sûres.


Communication work guided by the CMS Communication Strategy (under development) can support the implementation of Target 6, inter alia by contributing to behavioural change on the part of fishers and hunters. 


For more information, see Target 1.


►     The Programme of Work of the Central Asian Mammals Initiative includes:

Objective 1 - To address key threats and issues currently not (sufficiently) covered by existing work programmes and stakeholders:

1.1.9) Secure public support for addressing illegal hunting and trade through outreach and development of “citizen/informant networks”.

►    The Saiga-Medium-Term International Work Programme (for the Saiga Antelope (2016-2020) includes:

Objective 5 - Awareness:

5.1) Continue an objective high-profile mass-media campaign at regional, national and local levels in both Range States and consumer countries, addressing saiga conservation, restoration and sustainable use, and explaining the relevant challenges, with a particular focus on local media outlets.