Protected areas important for large animals, says study

Protected areas (PA) are important for large animals, including top predators like tiger, and should not be degazetted, a new study has said.

08 November 2016

Sharks are helping the Philippines recover from a typhoon

Three years ago, the Philippines was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan. In one corner of the country, the people have found a surprising way to recover.

08 November 2016

Conservation Boost for Scavenger Bird

More protection is required for the vultures in Bejjur forest area and that is what they will get once the proposal of Kagaznagar Forest Division is accepted by the Telangana State government.

02 November 2016

Why International Snow Leopard Day Matters

It would be one of the 10 largest countries in the world. It also would be the 6th least dense country in terms of human population.

23 October 2016

El guepardo asiático sólo sobrevive ya en Irán

Hace dos décadas que Irán celebra cada año el Día del Guepardo.

El Mundo

22 October 2016

Snow leopards: Numbers decline due to 'retaliation'

Hundreds of snow leopards are being killed by poachers every year across the high mountain ranges of Asia, according to a new report.

21 October 2016

Hundreds of snow leopards being killed every year, report warns

Figure of 220-450 annual deaths could be even higher, as killings by poachers or farmers often go undetected in the remote mountains of central Asia

21 October 2016

Snow Leopard Day 2016

23 October 2016 was International Snow Leopard Day, which is dedicated to raising awareness for the plight of this iconic species. The Snow Leopard (Panthera uncia) inhabits mountain terrains of twelve Range States in Central and South Asia. With between 4,500 and 6,000 animals remaining in the wild today, Snow Leopards are one of the most endangered big cats in the world.

19 October 2016

Opinion: Spectre of Extinction Haunts the Ghost of the Mountains

Its silvery coat, spectral appearance and elusive nature have earned the Snow Leopard the pseudonym “the Ghost of the Mountains”. Its numbers are precariously low but concerted international efforts are under way to prevent the species’ extinction.

18 October 2016

Returning endangered animals to the wild

It has been 35 years since the Japanese crested ibis disappeared from the skies of Japan.

17 October 2016