The sanctuary trying to save Sumatran tigers from extinction

A rescue centre in Indonesia is trying to rescue Sumatran tigers and save the species from extinction


31 March 2016

Experts Discuss Nature Conservation in Former Soviet Republics

“Nature Conservation in the Countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia – Lessons learned from the transformation process and challenges for the future”

24 March 2016

La Chine étend son interdiction des importations d’ivoire

La Chine a déclaré mardi avoir étendu son interdiction des importations d’ivoire, à l’heure où Pékin est soumis à une pression croissante afin de limiter un commerce entraînant la mort de milliers

22 March 2016

Hunt for the Grey Ghost - video

The snow leopard had been caught in the act. Cornered inside the loosely-secured livestock corral, it had already killed several sheep and goats.

11 March 2016

Birds bid early adieu to Kashmir as temperature rises

Hundreds of migratory birds are bidding an early adieu to Kashmir this year because of unusually hot temperatures and scant rain and snowfall.

10 March 2016

India inks pact for saving birds of prey

India has become the 56th country to sign a pact on conservation of birds of prey in Africa and Eurasia, a move that will help the country gain knowledge in effectively mana

10 March 2016

Asian bats show resistance to deadly white-nose syndrome

Researchers have found new clues about the deadly white-nose syndrome, a disease that has wiped out millions of bats in North America.

09 March 2016

Once extinct, world's last wild horse returns to Russian steppes

If the world's only surviving wild horses had a say in the matter, they might opt for a cosy stable and fresh daily oats, scientists studying them joke.

07 March 2016

2016/005: New Signatory to the CMS Raptors MOU

The Secretariat of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) in its capacity as Depositary of the Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation of Migrator

07 March 2016