Bird gets endangered tag from BNHS

Joint research with UK-based Birdlife International finds a 90 per cent decline in numbers of Yellow-breasted Bunting, a migratory bird that visits India

11 June 2015

Final act for a songbird?

Unfortunately for the yellow-breasted bunting, the small songbird with the bright yellow belly is considered a delicacy in China. High demand has caused an alarming decline in the population.

10 June 2015

Happy tigers: Siberian population continues to grow

The Siberian tiger population continues to rebound, according to the latest numbers from the subspecies' stronghold in Russia..

09 June 2015

China calls on US to follow its lead in eradicating ivory trade

Move by Beijing would be a major victory in battle to end slaughter of tens of thousands of elephants by African poachers

09 June 2015

Yellow-breasted buntings 'being eaten to extinction by China'

Birds once abundant in Europe and Asia could share the same fate as passenger pigeon as they are killed in millions for food

09 June 2015

Half the dolphins caught in Japan hunt exported despite global outcry: report

Of the live dolphins caught in the town of Taiji about half find buyers in China and other countries, it’s reported, despite criticism of the hunt

07 June 2015

Kazakhstan. Plus de 120 000 antilopes mortes en trois semaines

Une épidémie dévastatrice touche les saïgas. Des milliers de troupeaux ont été entièrement décimés par une maladie infectieuse.

02 June 2015

Unbekannte Ursache löscht ein Drittel des weltweiten Bestands der Saiga-Antilopen

In den vergangenen zwei Wochen hat das bisher verheerendste Massensterben der gefährdeten Saiga-Antilopen stattgefunden. Ein Drittel des weltweiten Bestands kam ums Leben.

02 June 2015