Tiger Numbers Rise for First Time in a Century

Tiger range countries are on their way to their goal of doubling the animal's population, but challenges remain.

10 April 2016

Vulture conservation takes wing

A series of awareness programmes in Adilabad district helps in increasing the number of birdson Pala Rapu cliff, the vulture habitat

07 April 2016

Mediterranean loggerhead turtles dying in waters off the Middle East, North Africa

Thousands of loggerhead turtles are killed annually in areas of Syria, Libya and Egypt and Tunisia where they travel to find food

06 April 2016

Eco-Celebrity Crane Inspires Wetland Protection in Taiwan

An endangered Siberian crane that has made Taiwan home is inspiring locals to protect the wetlands

05 April 2016

The sanctuary trying to save Sumatran tigers from extinction

A rescue centre in Indonesia is trying to rescue Sumatran tigers and save the species from extinction


31 March 2016

Experts Discuss Nature Conservation in Former Soviet Republics

“Nature Conservation in the Countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia – Lessons learned from the transformation process and challenges for the future”

24 March 2016

La Chine étend son interdiction des importations d’ivoire

La Chine a déclaré mardi avoir étendu son interdiction des importations d’ivoire, à l’heure où Pékin est soumis à une pression croissante afin de limiter un commerce entraînant la mort de milliers

22 March 2016