Massensterben: 80 Wale stranden in Indien

Das hat es in der Region seit 43 Jahren nicht gegeben: 80 Wale sind im indischen Distrikt Thoothukudi gestrandet. Fischer versuchten stundenlang, die Tiere zu retten.

12 January 2016

China's craze for 'aquatic cocaine' is pushing two species into oblivion

Affluent Chinese are putting two Mexican species at risk due to demand for dried swim bladders. But will this year’s CITES meeting on the wildlife trade force a crackdown?

11 January 2016

Hydro dam boom threatens a third of the world's freshwater fish

Plans to build huge dams in the Amazon, Mekong and Congo could devastate freshwater biodiversity in these tropical river basins, say ecologists

08 January 2016

Barrages hydroélectriques: la biodiversité en péril

Les barrages hydroélectriques pourraient détruire la biodiversité des grands bassins fluviaux

07 January 2016

5 new species of migratory birds visit city for first time

Notwithstanding the concrete boom and rise in air pollution, Thane city's vast creek and abundant green cover are inviting many new species of migratory birds that are flocking here in hordes.

06 January 2016

Zimbabwe plans to sell elephants and lions to China to fund conservation

Zimbabwe plans to sell more elephants and lions to China as part of a scheme to raise funds for conservation, its environment minister has said.

06 January 2016

LGUs, resort owners told: Help save ‘pawikan’ from extinction

The country’s top biodiversity official on Monday urged local governments and owners of private beach resorts to help save the endangered marine turtles, or

05 January 2016

River pollution, dying wetlands halve migratory bird numbers this winter

The number of migratory birds flocking Bareilly this winter has reduced by nearly 50%, according to a recent survey conducted by a city NGO.

04 January 2016