A Conference in Lebanon Highlights the Need to Regulate Hunting of Migratory Birds

Lebanon is a country of extraordinary importance for migratory birds since it lies at the heart of the Rift Valley-Red Sea Flyway on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. Every year thousands of birds migrate across Lebanon during the autumn season towards their wintering grounds in Africa and return in the spring time to their breeding areas in Eurasia. These birds are mainly waterbirds, raptors and songbirds. Among them there are several globally threatened species such as the Dalmatian Pelican, Greater Spotted Eagle, Imperial Eagle, White-tailed Eagle, Egyptian Vulture, Pallid Harrier and Lesser Kestrel. Great numbers of White Storks and Lesser-spotted Eagles also overfly Lebanon during their migration.

09 March 2017

El viaje ilegal de la angula: del Guadalquivir a los mercados de China

Estar podrido de dinero debe de ser algo parecido a lo que se encontraron los guardias civiles del Seprona en un registro en febrero: tres cajas de poliespán llenas de fajos de billetes podridos.

08 March 2017

Why the world needs zoos

The ongoing extinction crises shows that zoos are needed - even for common species.

The Guardian

08 March 2017

Schildkröte als Sparschwein: Ärzte entfernten fast 1.000 Münzen aus Magen

Weibchen wird nunmehr "Sparschwein" gerufen und soll nach Genesung ausgewildert werden -

06 March 2017

Can elephants and humans live together?

Berserk beasts, trashed crops, vengeful villagers: tales of ‘conflict’ come thick and fast as humans and elephants are forced into closer contact. But does it have to be war?

06 March 2017

More than 900 coins removed from turtle's stomach in Thailand

Twenty-five-year-old green sea turtle nicknamed Bank swallowed money thrown into her pool by tourists seeking good luck.

06 March 2017

Andhra Pradesh and WTO to promote sustainable tourism

Initiative to be launched in Berlin on March 8; themes in focus include sustainable fishing and beach tourism

06 March 2017

Plastic pollution blights Bay of Bengal – in pictures

In India, 6,000 tonnes of plastic waste lies uncollected every day.

02 March 2017

Chinese White Dolphins Face Serious Extinction Threat

The Pearl River Estuary Chinese dolphin population is declining at about 2.5 percent per year and is fast approaching its minimum viability threshold.

02 March 2017

COP12 Logo Launched in Philippines Senate

The official logo for the 12th Session of the Conference of the Parties to CMS was officially launched today (2:00 pm Manila time) at a ceremony held in the Senate of the Republic of the Philippines. The Conference (CO12) will take place in Manila from 23 to 27 October with the theme: “Their Future is Our Future: Sustainable Development for Wildlife and People”, linking the efforts undertaken under CMS to protect endangered migratory wildlife to the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agreed by world governments in an historic summit held in September 2015.

28 February 2017