Whale’s death linked to failure to find food in overfished seas

Hunger could be the cause of death of a sperm whale that had been stranded in waters of Calauag town in Quezon province and environmentalists are linking the case to illegal and overfishing in the

26 February 2015

The farmer's son who filmed a snow leopard

Villagers in mountainous northern Pakistan still remember the day a farmer's son let a snow leopard kill a dozen of his sheep, just because he wanted to catch the elusive animal on camera.

24 February 2015

Leap in Indian tiger numbers questioned by new research

Last month's welcome news of a boom in the size of India's tiger population has been called into doubt by a fresh study

24 February 2015

Migrating songbirds falling prey to rapid urbanisation

Many songbirds that fly south to Asia between November and February are under threat, and researchers calling for more global cooperation to protect them.

23 February 2015

Scientists Meet to Discuss the Future of Arabian Sea Humpback Whales

Abu Dhabi, 23 February 2015 - The survival of the humpback whale population in the Arabian Sea, the smallest and most endangered humpback whale population in the world, is threatened by human activities, particularly entanglement in fishing nets, shipping and coastal development.

23 February 2015

David Attenborough calls on Chinese president to end ivory trade and halt extinction of the African elephant

Sir David Attenborough and a group of broadcasters, conservationists and MPs have called on the Chinese president to bring his country’s ivory trade to an end and save the African elephant from ext

22 February 2015

David Attenborough calls on Chinese president to end ivory trade

Broadcaster joins a host of celebrities, MPs and conservationists who have signed an open letter to China’s president Xi Jinping urging him to act now to save African elephants from extinction, ahe

20 February 2015

El rugido del tigre siberiano vuelve a oírse en China

Los tigres siberianos, o tigres de Amur, están volviendo a China.

19 February 2015

Siberian tiger video suggests species is returning to China, conservationists say

Video of a mother tiger and her cubs is a sign the endangered Siberian tiger could be making a comeback in China after it was largely wiped out over 65 year ago

19 February 2015