Illegal wildlife traders caught in international net

A global effort to tackle illegal wildlife trading has resulted in hundreds of arrests and the seizure of tons of plants and animals - dead and alive.

19 June 2015

300 arrested in global wildlife raids

Several tons of ivory and rhino horns among 600 seizures of wildlife contraband confiscated in a coordinated operation across Asia, Africa and Europe

18 June 2015

UN-Treaty on Migratory Waterbirds Marks its 20th Anniversary

Bonn, 16 June 2015 –Today marks the 20th anniversary of theAgreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds (AEWA).

16 June 2015

Mobile phone towers in Hyderabad driving migratory birds crazy

HYDERABAD: Increasing radiation from thousands of mobile phone towers in Hyderabad is playing havoc with the natural flight paths of migratory birds, experts said on Monday.

16 June 2015

Bird gets endangered tag from BNHS

Joint research with UK-based Birdlife International finds a 90 per cent decline in numbers of Yellow-breasted Bunting, a migratory bird that visits India

11 June 2015

Final act for a songbird?

Unfortunately for the yellow-breasted bunting, the small songbird with the bright yellow belly is considered a delicacy in China. High demand has caused an alarming decline in the population.

10 June 2015

Happy tigers: Siberian population continues to grow

The Siberian tiger population continues to rebound, according to the latest numbers from the subspecies' stronghold in Russia..

09 June 2015

China calls on US to follow its lead in eradicating ivory trade

Move by Beijing would be a major victory in battle to end slaughter of tens of thousands of elephants by African poachers

09 June 2015

Yellow-breasted buntings 'being eaten to extinction by China'

Birds once abundant in Europe and Asia could share the same fate as passenger pigeon as they are killed in millions for food

09 June 2015