More than 10,000 Saigas Found Dead in Central Kazakhstan

About 10,000 saigas have been found dead in Amangeldy district of the Kostanay region in Central Kazakhstan.

19 May 2015

Injured sea turtle gets 3D printed jaw

A 3D-printed beak has been fitted to a sea turtle injured by a collision with a boat's propeller.


18 May 2015

Fears grow that invasive bird species may cause havoc here

Destructive Quelea birds have landed in Singapore and nature lovers are calling for action to be taken to protect local biodiversity

15 May 2015

Emirates Airlines Bans Hunting Trophies of Lions, Rhinos

The world’s biggest international carrier joins South African Airways in banning transport of trophies of exotic wildlife such as elephants and rhinos.

14 May 2015

India's Asiatic lion population rising

Census finds 27% increase in number of endangered lions found in their only habitat in the world – the Gir forest of Gujarat

11 May 2015

Kampf gegen Nashorn-Wilderei: 38 von 8000 Kilo

2014 töteten Wilderer in Südafrika so viele Nashörner wie nie zuvor, sie verkauften geschätzte 8000 Kilo Hörner auf dem Schwarzmarkt. Nun wurden 38 Kilo entdeckt - in Vietnam.

11 May 2015

Multiple dams are an ominous threat to life on the Mekong River

A total of 11 dams are planned along the Mekong, storing up trouble for millions of people, the world’s largest inland fishery and critically endangered species.

06 May 2015

Smuggler caught in Indonesia with rare birds jammed inside water bottles

21 live critically endangered yellow-crested cockatoos, and a green parrot found stashed inside luggage

06 May 2015

Illegal Take and Trade of Marine Turtles in the IOSEA Region

Illegal take of marine turtles can assume various forms, from poaching of animals and eggs on nesting beaches to illegal take of animals at sea.   Typically, green and leatherback turtles are hunted for their meat; the hawksbill turtle is hunted for its carapace as the raw material for craftwork; while the eggs of loggerhead and olive ridley turtles are considered a delicacy.  Turtle meat consumption reportedly occurs in 75% of IOSEA Signatory States, while trade in shell products seems to be predominant in East Asian countries.  Whereas numerous investigations in this regard have been unde

30 April 2015