Virus which wiped out 30% lion population in E Africa responsible for Gir big cat deaths: ICMR-NIV

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the National Institute of Virology (NIV) on Friday said they have found that the virus which wiped out 30 per cent of tiotal lion population in EAs

05 October 2018

Man's best friend, wildlife's worst enemy

They are our animal companions, first domesticated by humans as much as 50,000 years ago.

01 October 2018

Raptor migration season in Sarangani opens

It’s the time of the year once more when raptors from neighboring countries, such as Taiwan and Japan, fly long distances and even cross open oceans to find the suitable environment and feeding are

01 October 2018

Hong Kong restaurant chain Maxim’s to stop selling shark fin products by 2020

Maxim’s Caterers have pledged to stop selling shark fin products by 2020, after facing mounting pressure from conservation groups.

21 September 2018

2018/010: Nuevo Signatario para el MdE Dugongo

La Secretaría de la Convención para la Conservación de Especies Migratorias de Animales Silvestres (CMS), en su capacidad como Depositario del Memorando de Entendimiento para la Conservación y Gest

07 September 2018

Study finds positive impact of ecotourism on local communities

The income generated from the home stays and campsites in the country have helped improve family income, conservation of the environment, tradition and culture, according to an evaluation on ecotou

22 August 2018

Iran, UNDP prepare draft for Conservation of Asiatic Cheetah

Iran’s Department of Environment (DOE) and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) have jointly drawn up the draft of the Conservation of Asiatic Cheetah Project (CACP) phase III.

18 August 2018

Iranian ships to carry message of preserving Caspian seals

Given Caspian seals, the sole marine mammals inhabiting the Caspian Sea, have fallen into a drastic decline pushing the specie towards extinction, Iranian ships in the Caspian Sea will display Casp

18 August 2018

Himalayan birds throng agricultural lands in winter, but many breed in forests

Despite the high altitudes and harsh winters, the Himalayas are a global biodiversity hotspot, home to 10 percent of the world’s bird species.

02 August 2018