SHC directs centre, provincial govts to curb smuggling of wildlife species

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court has ruled that every citizen has the right to a clean environment with natural habitat and wildlife under Article 9 of the Constituti

25 March 2015

Le Japon jette de la viande de baleine pleine de pesticides

Le ministère de la santé japonais a annoncé, mercredi 11 mars, avoir été contraint de jeter de la viande de baleine importée de Norvège contenant deux fois plus de pestic
13 March 2015

Safe Flyways: New Project to Increase Waterbird Monitoring in Central Asia

The Siberian Crane is a majestic migratory bird. In the summer, it lives and breeds in Arctic Russia before flying thousands of kilometers south to spend the winter in Iran, India or China.

13 March 2015

20 Himalayan Griffon vultures found dead in Sivasagar

JORHAT: At least 20 Himalayan Griffon vultures died after consuming poison in a paddy field at Lahon Gaon in the Konwarpur area of Sivasagar district on Saturday. Forest officials rescued seven other ailing vultures from the field and all are under treatment.

09 March 2015

Prince William ends China tour visiting the elephants he seeks to protect

Duke of Cambridge’s final day in China saw him focus on the threat to Africa’s wildlife from the ivory trade with a visit to the country’s last elephant population at a Yunnan reserve.

04 March 2015

Prince William in China: illegal wildlife trade a 'vicious form of criminality'

Duke of Cambridge calls for China to be a world leader in the fight against illegal trade in endangered animals such as elephants, rhino and pangolins on the last day of his visit to the country.

04 March 2015

Prince William condemns illegal wildlife trade on China visit

The Duke of Cambridge has condemned illegal wildlife trading in a speech on the final day of his tour of China.


04 March 2015

China's illegal ivory traders exploiting online market

Over half of thousands of online advertisements for illegal wildlife products are for ivory, with other products including rhino horn, tiger bone and turtle shells, a wildlife trade monitoring netw

03 March 2015

Sous le feu des critiques, la Chine interdit l'importation d'ivoire sculpté pendant un an

Le commerce de l'ivoire en Chine a pris des proportions « hors de contrôle », avait alerté récemment un rapport rédigé par plusieurs ONG environnementales.

27 February 2015