Tibetan crane's winter habitat under threat from Indian hydroelectric project

Hydropower project in eastern Himalayas will destroy migration site of ‘vulnerable’ black-necked cranes, conservationists claim

27 August 2015

Indien: Geier-Restaurants sollen bedrohte Greifvögel retten

Seit zwei Jahrzehnten sinkt die Zahl der Bengalgeier auf dem Indischen Kontinent dramatisch. Nun versucht der Staat, das Sterben durch Futterlieferungen aufzuhalten.

24 August 2015

Pakistan's top court bans the hunting of houbara bustard

The court also effectively canceled all houbara hunting licenses already issued.

20 August 2015

CMS Guidelines on Wildlife-friendly Infrastructure - Mongolia Leads Implementation

The Mongolian parliament has passed a national law implementing the CMS Guidelines on mitigating the impact of linear infrastructure and related disturbance on mammals in Central Asia just six months after they were adopted at COP11.

20 August 2015

Africa knows about China's evil poachers; now meet its conservation heroes

Stereotype of the greedy animal killers challenged: From the celebrities to the "average Joe" - the individuals striving to make a difference.

16 August 2015

Bangladesh police kill six alleged tiger poachers

Six suspected tiger poachers have been shot dead in a gunfight with Bangladeshi police at a hideout in the world's largest mangrove forest.

10 August 2015

Power projects to hit biodiversity in Arunachal Pradesh: study

Study proposes 20-year perspective plan for the development of the entire Tawang River Basin region

07 August 2015

Biodiverse Mumbai: Study finds 150 species of birds at Mahul-Sewri

An ongoing study at the Mahul-Sewri mudflats to help the conservation of flamingos has found that the wetlands have around 150 species of birds

06 August 2015

What is the point of saving endangered species?

It will cost billions of dollars to save all the world's threatened species. What's in it for us?


03 August 2015

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Becomes 121st Party to CMS

CMS welcomes the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as the 121st Party to the Convention with effect from 1 August 2015.

31 July 2015