Nations List 12 Vulture Species to Tackle Population Decline in Africa

Bonn/Trondheim, 9 October 2015– A further eighteen birds of prey species have been listed at an international meeting of government representatives and experts this week in Trondheim, Norw

09 October 2015

Wildlife Management and Conservation in Central Asia: Regional Cooperation and International Partnership

The CMS vision for regional collaboration for wildlife management and conservation in Central Asia was presented at the international conference “Regional practices on sustainable use in hunting te

07 October 2015

Environmentalists Praise Wildlife Measures in Trans-Pacific Trade Pact

Environmentalists praised wildlife protections included in the sweeping Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal announced Monday, calling them groundbreaking.

05 October 2015

World Animal Day signals renewed campaign to end abusive elephant shows

Leading conservation charity World Animal Protection has renewed its plea for the tourism industry to put an end to abusive elephant rides and shows, calling on leading travel brands to join the gr

04 October 2015

By 2025, our seas may be filled with one ton of plastic for every three tons of fish

Dow Chemical and the Ocean Conservancy explain why they have formed an unlikely alliance to prevent plastic from choking the world’s oceans.

30 September 2015

Aral Sea crisis had tremendous impact on ecosystems of region

An exclusive interview given to the CA-News by Natalya Yakusheva, the coordinator for the Central Asian Mammal Initiative of the UN Convention on Migratory Species, otherwise known as the Bonn Conv

29 September 2015

China and US agree on ivory ban in bid to end illegal trade globally

The two largest markets for illegal ivory agree to enact a nearly complete ban on the import and export of ivory to help reduce the loss of elephants to poaching.

26 September 2015

Central Asian Mammals Initiative Expert Natalya Yakusheva interviewed by CA News Agency (in Russian)

Questions on key CMS activities, upcoming events, migratory animals protection in the region, saiga collapse and ecological consequences of Aral Sea disappearace answered.

23 September 2015

At the wrong end of the food chain

Vultures are highly specialized birds, essential for the health of the environment. But their population has decreased dramatically.

15 September 2015