CMS Signs First Partnership Agreement with Chinese NGO

CMS and the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) signed a Partnership Agreement to formalize their cooperation to better protect migratory animals and their habitats. CBCGDF thereby becomes the first formal Chinese NGO partner of CMS.

09 November 2016

CMS Executive Secretary Visits China

CMS Executive Secretary, Bradnee Chambers has just completed a three-day visit of China, where he met ministry officials, participated in a workshop, attended an award ceremony for children’s paintings and visited two conservation areas.

09 November 2016

Meeting in China Agrees Urgent Conservation Measures for the Endangered Yellow-breasted Bunting

An International Workshop on the Yellow-breasted Bunting and Migratory Landbird Conservation took place on the 2-4 November 2016 in the city of Guangzhou, in the province of Guangdong, China. Fifty experts from ten countries met to discuss the species’ conservation status and to agree on the conservation priorities under the framework of an international Action Plan. Over the last 30 years, the Yellow-breasted Bunting has suffered a rapid decline that has led to its uplisting in the IUCN Red List to the category of “Endangered”. The main reason for this decline is the intensive trapping in the wintering grounds, especially in China where this bird is highly appreciated as food.

09 November 2016

Protected areas important for large animals, says study

Protected areas (PA) are important for large animals, including top predators like tiger, and should not be degazetted, a new study has said.

08 November 2016

Sharks are helping the Philippines recover from a typhoon

Three years ago, the Philippines was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan. In one corner of the country, the people have found a surprising way to recover.

08 November 2016

Conservation Boost for Scavenger Bird

More protection is required for the vultures in Bejjur forest area and that is what they will get once the proposal of Kagaznagar Forest Division is accepted by the Telangana State government.

02 November 2016

Why International Snow Leopard Day Matters

It would be one of the 10 largest countries in the world. It also would be the 6th least dense country in terms of human population.

23 October 2016

El guepardo asiático sólo sobrevive ya en Irán

Hace dos décadas que Irán celebra cada año el Día del Guepardo.

El Mundo

22 October 2016

Snow leopards: Numbers decline due to 'retaliation'

Hundreds of snow leopards are being killed by poachers every year across the high mountain ranges of Asia, according to a new report.

21 October 2016

Hundreds of snow leopards being killed every year, report warns

Figure of 220-450 annual deaths could be even higher, as killings by poachers or farmers often go undetected in the remote mountains of central Asia

21 October 2016