Bu Tinah turtle haven makes UN’s top 10 list

The United Nations has recognised Bu Tinah archipelago as one of the most important sanctuaries for turtles in the Indian Ocean.

11 July 2016

Binding agreement on high seas fishing in Arctic Ocean needed, says conservation group

‘A treaty needs to be broad enough and strong enough that it can stand up internationally,’ Oceans North.

09 July 2016

Iran : l’opinion publique émue après l’assassinat de trois gardes-chasse

Les Iraniens se mobilisent depuis quelques jours contre les mauvaises conditions de sécurité des gardes-chasse, qui ne sont « pas protégés » par la loi.

29 June 2016

New Study: Border Fences an Increasing Threat to Migratory Wildlife

Barriers to movement such as fences are among the main threats to the survival of large mammals in Central Asia. The region, sometimes referred to as “the Serengeti of the North”, is one of the world’s last hot spots for animal migrations

28 June 2016

Cathay Pacific bans shipments of shark fin amid pressure from conservation groups

Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific, and its sister airline Dragon Air, have announced an immediate ban on the carriage of shark fin on all of their flights.

22 June 2016

Poisonous tropical lionfish could be spreading through Mediterranean

Voracious predator with sting that has been known to kill humans is spotted in waters off Turkey and Cyprus

21 June 2016

Saiga Population Grows After Mysterious Epidemic

It was a silent spring for saiga antelopes last year.  Within a few weeks in May in Kazakhstan, a mysterious illne

20 June 2016

Why North Korea is a safe haven for birds

Photos from inside North Korea reveal how the ecology of the secretive Asian country is preventing the extinction of several once plentiful species of migratory birds.

20 June 2016