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Practical Information on the organization of Side Events (CMS COP12)


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Only pre-registered people with a badge have access to the conference venue at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in Manila. We would therefore urge those who have yet to register, to do so by using the online registration system


As announced, side events are scheduled at lunch time or in the evening and have a maximum duration of 45 minutes to avoid overlap with important Working Group and Committee meetings.


Side event rooms are equipped with a projector, a screen, internet access,2 wired microphones and power sockets (3-prong with ground duplex receptable 220V 60Hz). Wireless microphones are available from the PICC for a fee of PHP 2,000.00 + VAT.Please bring along adapters and extension cords as these are not provided at the venue.No interpretation for side events will be provided. As laptops are not provided, we would kindly ask you to bring your own. Further technical details will be provided on this website as soon as available. 

Event organizers are responsible for the transport to the shipment address, display of their items and customs clearance including any related costs.

It is generally recommended that items arrive at least one week before the eventi.e. by15 October.

Please make sure that the shipped items are clearly labelled “CMS COP12” with contact information of the sender and the event it is for. 

Address for shipment: 
Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB)– Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Mr. James Santiago
Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center, 
North Avenue, Diliman, 
Quezon City 
1101 Philippines
The BMB will organize the transport of items from the storage room to the venue.


Power Sockets and Plugs:

These are the three shapes of electrical sockets and the two types of plugs used in the Philippines:

Type A Type B Type C

For power sockets, a World Travel Adapter is necessary to charge electronic devices.


In the Philippines, the power sockets are of type A, B and C. The standard voltage is 220 V and the standard frequency is 60 Hz. Power cords with type A or B plugs which are rated at only 125 V may present a safety hazard. Most of the laptop chargers can convert automatically. Travel Adapters will be necessary for all the equipment.


All COP12 participants are encouraged to present their work or any related issue relevant to the objectives of the Convention on Migratory Species and specifically to the items of the COP12 agenda in the form of an exhibit.

Technical details on the exhibition space will be provided here as soon as available.

The Secretariat will allocate exhibition space and equipment depending on the number of requests. We kindly request those interested in this opportunity inform the Secretariat by filling out the form and return it to E-mail: [email protected] or fax: (+49 228) 815 2449) no later than 15 September 2017.

Standard exhibition booths (2 x 2 m) will be equipped with 1 table, 1 chair, light, power outlet, wall of 7 ft. height, and wifi access.

Exhibitors can order additional technical equipment at their own expenses from:

Ms. Kimberly Tuazon

Total Exhibit and Expo Solutions, Inc.

7 Sunshine Lane St. Jordan Village

Baesa, Quezon City

Landline # 632 453 8684

Smart # 63920-6328401 

Globe # 63916-2376627

Email: [email protected]


You can find the offers for additional technical equipment here.

The terms of reference will be provided by the technical supplier Total Exhibit and Expo Solutions, Inc.


Registration Form for Side Events

We kindly request those that are interested in the opportunity of organizing a side event to inform the Secretariat by filling out the enclosed application form. Please return it to the Secretariat (E-mail: [email protected] or fax: (+49 228) 815 2449) no later than 1 August 2017.

The following criteria will be taken into consideration for the allocation of side events:

1.    Relevance to the Convention’s work and COP agenda;

2.    Feasibility and preference on certain dates in accordance with the COP programme;

3.    Avoidance of thematic overlaps per time slot;

4.    The expected level of participation and room size;

5.    Order of request (when registration is received).


Please note that side events may be rescheduled in the interests of the official sessions of the meeting.

Registration Form for Exhibits

We kindly request those interested in the opportunity of organizing an exhibition to inform the Secretariat by filling out the form and return it to E-mail: [email protected] or fax: (+49 228) 815 2449 no later than 15 September 2017.