CMS Signs First Partnership Agreement with Chinese NGO

Bonn, 9 November 2016 - CMS and the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) signed a Partnership Agreement today to formalize their cooperation to better protect migratory animals and their habitats. CBCGDF will thereby become the first formal Chinese NGO partner of CMS.

CMS Executive Secretary, Bradnee Chambers, and CBCGDF Secretary General, Zhou Jinfeng, signed the agreement in the margins of the 45th Meeting of the CMS Standing Committee taking place from 9 to 10 November in Bonn, Germany.

Mr. Chambers said: “China is one of the most megadiverse countries in the world with more than 200 CMS listed species and has a rich cultural and scientific heritage. It engages in extensive work to conserve and manage the world’s resources of wild animal species. Our first agreement with a Chinese partner aims to explore the countries huge potential by involving it even more in conserving migratory species and their habitats across the region.”

Mr. Zhou said: “We look forward to working with CMS to promote the transboundary conservation of migratory animals, especially with regards to migratory birds and iconic CMS species such as the Snow Leopard and the Saiga Antelope. In addition, we aim to help raise the profile of the Convention in China and in the region.”

The CBCGDF has taken innovative  actions in order to mainstream biological diversity in China. In April 2016, CBCGDF put forward the concept of “China Conservation Area”, which aims to organize and convene all non-governmental forces to take targeted and prompt actions to protect endangered species and their habitats.

So far, 27 China Conservation Areas have been established for different species to facilitate actions to respond immediately to potential threats.

Headquartered in Beijing, the Foundation has set up an Expert Committee for Biodiversity Conservation, which was made up of over ten academics of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, a Law Commission and about 60 experts in environmental ecology. Its organizational structure underpins an effective decision-making process and quick response to environmental emergencies.

The CBCGDF will launch an initiative to promote and support the Convention and raise its profile in China and beyond. It is expected to cooperate with NGOs of countries which are not yet Parties to CMS, including North and South Korea and the Russian Federation.

Last updated on 24 November 2016

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