2016/006: Online Questionnaire for the Global Database of Connectivity Conservation Initiatives

The Secretariat would like to draw your attention to the call from the United Nations Environment Programme, World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC) regarding a short online questionnaire designed to capture information on Connectivity Conservation Initiatives (CCI).

UNEP-WCMC is working closely with the International Union for Conservation of Nature and other partners to compile a database that catalogues the whereabouts and status of CCI globally.

CCI aims to contribute towards the conservation of biodiversity and the maintenance of ecosystem function and structure through the improvement of connections between conservation areas and the wider landscape and seascape. They are particularly relevant to the current CMS initiatives on ecological networks.

UNEP-WCMC has prepared a short online questionnaire to collect practical experiences and capture information about expertise on CCI, which can be accessed here.   The closing date for submissions is 30 April 2016.

Any supplementary materials that might benefit or questions about this project should be sent to UNEP-WCMC at: protectedareas@unep-wcmc.org

Last updated on 18 March 2016