Indian Ocean

Unusual Shark Attacks On Dolphins: Are 'Trophy Hunters' To Be Blamed?

A family of dolphins in Australia's Monkey Mia tourist spot were brutally attacked by sharks, raising concerns about the lives of the marine mammals.

08 February 2018

Study: Conservation Priorities for Shark and Ray Species included and proposed for inclusion in Annex 1 to the CMS Sharks MOU

The Sharks MOU has defined general objectives for the conservation and management of species and populations listed in Annex 1 of the MOU, which are further detailed in a global Conservation Plan for migratory Sharks (Annex 3 to the MOU).
18 October 2015

Sharks of the Arabian Seas - an identification guide

This guide, which was kindly funded with voluntary contributions from the German government and and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), was co-authored by Rima W. Jabada and David A. Ebert. It provides identification keys to 68 species of sharks encountered in the Arabian Seas region, and an additional 14 species of sharks and batoids. These include all shark species whose trade or conservation status is regulated through international instruments as well as the ray and sawfish species known to occur in the region.

07 October 2016

Illegal Take and Trade of Marine Turtles in the IOSEA Region

Illegal take of marine turtles can assume various forms, from poaching of animals and eggs on nesting beaches to illegal take of animals at sea.   Typically, green and leatherback turtles are hunted for their meat; the hawksbill turtle is hunted for its carapace as the raw material for craftwork; while the eggs of loggerhead and olive ridley turtles are considered a delicacy.  Turtle meat consumption reportedly occurs in 75% of IOSEA Signatory States, while trade in shell products seems to be predominant in East Asian countries.  Whereas numerous investigations in this regard have been unde

18 January 2018

Ecological Risk Assessment and Productivity - Susceptibility Analysis of sea turtles overlapping with fisheries in the IOTC region

Interactions between sea turtles and fishing activities have been listed as a significant threat to sea turtles. This study aimed to assess which sea turtle species/populations in the Indian Ocean (IO) are at risk from interactions with tuna-related fisheries. The approach used was a desktop study to compile (1) all available data on sea turtle population demographics, rookery sizes and at-sea distributions; and (2) collate all information of longline, purse seine and gillnet effort and sea turtle interactions in the Indian Ocean.

30 April 2015