This Memorandum of Understanding is open for signature by the Range States and regional economic integration organizations of the shark species listed in Annex 1 of this Memorandum of Understanding.

Range States are defined as any State that exercises jurisdiction over any part of the range of migratory sharks, or a State, flag vessels of which are engaged outside its national jurisdictional limits in taking, or which have the potential to take, migratory sharks.

As the CMS Sharks MOU was concluded as a legally non-binding agreement, a formal ratification process on the national level is not necessary.

To sign the MOU it requires the Signature of the head of the relevant Ministry in the respective country. The Interim Secretariat would prepare the signature block upon request. A sample letter of "Full Powers" to sign the MOU is provided in the three working languages:

In case your country considers acceding to the MOU, please inform the Secretariat, and receive further information about the procedure.