Saiga borealis

The UN Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) has launched the Central Asian Mammals Migration and Linear Infrastructure Atlas to help ensure the survival of migratory wildlife in this important region. Featured in the Atlas are the Asiatic Cheetah, the Snow Leopard, as well as antelopes, deer, gazelles, wild horses and yaks which undertake long-distance journeys across the steppes, deserts and mountains of Central Asia to reach their feeding and breeding grounds.

04 Dec 2019

Vilm, Germany (May 4, 2017)– Experts have for the first time mapped the distribution and movement corridors of migratory mammals in combination with threats from linear infrastructure, such as railways, roads, pipelines, and border fences, across the entire Central Asian region.

04 May 2017
Assessment information
CMS InstrumentsSaiga Antelope (2006), CMS
IUCN StatusEndangered
Date of entry in Appendix II2008

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Common names
EnglishMongolian Saiga antelope; Saiga antelope
FrenchAntelope Saïga
SpanishAntilope saiga
GermanSaiga Antilope
Formerly listed asSaiga tatarica
Scientific name Saiga borealis
AuthorTschersky 1876
SynonymsSaiga tatarica mongolica

Population per instrument
Instrument Population name

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