Other meetings

Title Start date Status Country CMS Instrument
CMS Family Manual - Workshop for African National Focal Points 29.10.2013 Concluded South Africa AEWA, Atlantic Turtles, CMS, Gorilla Agreement, West African Elephants, Western African Aquatic Mammals
2nd Meeting of Parties 26.11.2011 Concluded Norway Gorilla Agreement
1st Meeting of the Technical Committee 29.03.2011 Concluded Rwanda Gorilla Agreement
Ad-hoc Meeting of the Gorilla Agreement 11.06.2009 Concluded Germany Gorilla Agreement
Frankfurt Symposium on Gorillas 09.06.2009 Concluded Germany Gorilla Agreement
1st Meeting of Parties 29.11.2008 Concluded Italy Gorilla Agreement
Meeting to Negotiate an Agreement on the Conservation of Gorillas and Their Habitats 22.10.2007 Concluded France Gorilla Agreement