Rangers Killed in Congo's Virunga National Park

Bonn, 26 January 2011
- The CMS Secretariat has learned with deep regret of another
lethal attack on rangers and government soldiers in the
Virunga National Park in the Eastern DRC. Three park rangers
and five Congolese soldiers were killed when their patrol
was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade just inside the park’s
perimeter, making this the worst such attack in over a year.

These rangers and soldiers are on the frontline
of conservation efforts for gorillas and the numerous other
valuable species inhabiting this park, and their efforts
and sacrifice cannot be praised enough. Further details
of this tragic incident are contained in the attached press
release issued by the Institut Congolais pour la Conservation
de la Nature (ICCN) [click

CMS will hold a technical meeting on gorilla
conservation in late March in neighbouring Rwanda. Among
other topics, improving the situation of rangers through
better monitoring techniques and law enforcement will be
on the meeting agenda.


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