Call for Proposals to the African Elephant Fund

Bonn, 8 June 2020 - The African Elephant Fund Steering Committee launches the tenth round of call for proposals to the African Elephant Fund. 

The purpose of this call is to allow African Elephant Range States to seek emergency funding to address elephant conservation challenges related to COVID 19 and to support the implementation of the African Elephant Action Plan.

Submissions received after midnight on 06 July 2020, East Africa Time (EAT) will be considered as late and will therefore not be considered by the AEF Secretariat.

For additional information or inquiries please contact the AEF Secretariat at [email protected]; [email protected] with copy to: [email protected] or call +254 719744186 / +254 710602646.

The 12th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CMS endorsed the African Elephant Action Plan through Resolution 12.19  Endorsement of the African Elephant Action Plan as the principal strategy for elephant conservation under the Convention. The CMS Secretariat serves as ex officio member on the Steering Committee of the African Elephant Fund, which is intended to provide funding for the implementation of the African Elephant Action Plan. 

Application criteria:

The criteria to review this specific call for proposal will be the following (also refer to the project proposal template): 

  1. The project should address priority objectives 1, 2 or 3 as set out in the African Elephant Action Plan (AEAP);
  2. The project should start its activities withing 3 months of its approval by the steering committee and completed in no more than 12 months from its inception;
  3. The project should be subject to at least one or many of the following criteria:

a)    Secure small / vulnerable populations that are faced with an immediate threat;
b)    Address prosecution and criminal investigations;
c)    Prevent immediate human-elephant conflicts;
d)    Address a site that is experiencing an escalation in poaching;
e)    Address a site that is experiencing a decline in law enforcement capacity.

      4. Funding request should not exceed 50,000 USD.

On top of the following criteria, proponents are reminded to adhere to the following requirements that will be considered for reviewing all project proposals:

  1. Project proposal must be submitted before deadline set by call for proposals;
  2. Standard templates for AEF project proposal must be complied with and in line with AEAP;
  3. All project proposals submitted by the range States shall be submitted by Competent Authority or be accompanied by an endorsement letter from Competent Authority. 
  4. Competent Authority shall be a national government entity responsible for wildlife;
  5. Full project proposal should be translated into a two-page executive summary in the other working language of the Steering Committee (English/French and vice-versa).

This urgent call will be subject to a shorter-then-usual deadline of one month, we therefore would appreciate it if all project proposals could be submitted to UNEP latest by 06 July 2020 for an initial screening by the AEF Secretariat prior to its transmission to the AEF Steering Committee. The Steering Committee of the fund shall evaluate the proposals.

Please be reminded that the following budget items are not funded by the AEF, as agreed by the Rules of Procedure of the its Steering Committee:

  1. Salaries, excluding experts/consultants hired for specific activities related to project implementation;
  2. Daily subsistence allowances and accommodation, unless it is part of training or activities in remote/rural areas;
  3. Flights, purchase of vehicles, excluding bicycles and motorbikes;
  4. Educational programmes – including bursaries and interns.

In submitting project proposals, kindly use the attached AEF project proposal template.

Last updated on 05 August 2020