Study tracks first incursion of poachers into ‘pristine’ African forest

Elephant poachers are using logging roads to infiltrate some of the last remaining pristine forests in Central Africa, according to a study published in July.

03 October 2019

Le commerce international d’éléphants sauvages venus d’Afrique va être drastiquement restreint

En dehors de « circonstances exceptionnelles », seuls les lieux de conservation in situ pourraient acheter des individus appartenant à cette espèce en dangereux recul.

27 August 2019

Zoo trade in baby elephants banned internationally

A near-total ban on taking baby African elephants from the wild and selling them to zoos has been approved at a meeting in Geneva.

27 August 2019

Near-total ban imposed on sending wild African elephants to zoos

Cites, the global wildlife trade regulator, approves ‘momentous’ decision after EU adds loophole

27 August 2019

The five: endangered species in line for a boost to their protection

The international Cites wildlife summit in Geneva is cracking down on the trade in threatened creatures this month

25 August 2019

Botswana to continue elephant protection talks with Kenya: minister

Botswana will continue talks about elephant protection with Kenya in order to hold the east African country together with itself at an upcoming international conference on wildlife protection, a mi

09 August 2019

Ditch colonial attitudes to elephant hunting, conservationists tell EU

Profiting from creatures is ‘imported Western concept’, say Africans ahead of key vote

03 August 2019

Breaking! World’s Largest Seizure Of More Than 9 Tons Of Ivory, From Over 1,000 Elephants, Recovered In Da Nang, Vietnam

Vietnamese customs has seized over nine tons of ivory in a container shipment from the Republic of Congo, thought to be the largest ivory seizure ever made.

28 March 2019