Opinion: The Fates of Vultures and Elephants Go Hand in Hand

World Wildlife Day, being celebrated on March 3 for the third time – this year under the slogan ‘The Future of Wildlife is in our hands’ – is focusing on the plight of African and Asian elephants, which are being slaughtered in their thousands for their tusks to supply the ivory trade. But other species, such as vultures, are also in serious decline because of human actions

02 March 2016

Opinion: Global pact against illegal wildlife trade should also look beyond poaching

London was the place to be this week for those fighting global wildlife crime. Prince Charles and the Duke of Cambridge were joined by an impressive coalition of heads of state, ministers and officials of 50 countries to end poaching of elephants, rhinos and other illicit trade of endangered animals that have been linked to terrorism and organised crime.

14 February 2014