Antigua and Barbuda

National Reports

Document Number Title Publish date CMS Instrument
UNEP/CMS/COP13/NR.005 Antigua and Barbuda - National Report COP13 04.09.2019 CMS
UNEP/CMS/Inf.10.12.75 National Report of Antingua and Barbuda (COP10) 05.08.2011 CMS
 UNEP/CMS/Inf.9.12.38 National Report of Antigua and Barbuda/Antigua-et-Barbuda/Antigua y Barbuda (COP9) 20.06.2008 CMS

Ratification status

CMS InstrumentStatusStatus dateNotes
Range State

Antigua and Barbuda

Official nameAntigua and Barbuda
Party number104
RegionSouth & Central America & The Caribbean
Entry into forceOctober 2007

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