Meeting to Conclude and Endorse the Proposed Central Asian Flyway Action Plan to Conserve Migratory Waterbirds and their Habitats

The location on the map is approximate!
10 Jun 2005 to 12 Jun 2005
Instrument de la CMSCentral Asian Flyway
TypeTechnical Meeting
VilleNew Delhi

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CMS/CAF/Inf.1 Fact Sheet
CMS/CAF/Inf.2/Rev.1 Pre-registration Form
CMS/CAF/Inf.3/Rev.1 Country Report Guidelines
CMS/CAF/Inf.4.x Country Reports
CMS/CAF/Inf.4.1 Armenia - Country Report
CMS/CAF/Inf.4.2 Kazakhstan - Country Report
CMS/CAF/Inf.4.3 Tajikistan - Country Report
CMS/CAF/Inf.4.4 Sri Lanka - Country Report
CMS/CAF/Inf.4.5 Kyrgyyzstan - Country Report
CMS/CAF/Inf.4.6 Turkmenistan - Country Report
CMS/CAF/Inf.4.7 Uzbekistan - Country Report
CMS/CAF/Inf.4.8 Bangladesh - Country Report
CMS/CAF/Inf.4.9 Iran - Country Report
CMS/CAF/Inf.4.10 United Arab Emirates - Country Report
CMS/CAF/Inf.4.11 Afghanistan - Country Report
CMS/CAF/Inf.4.12 Russia - Country Report
CMS/CAF/Inf.4.13 India - Country Report
CMS/CAF/Inf.4.14 Myanmar - Country Report
CMS/CAF/Inf.4.15 China - Country Report
CMS/CAF/Inf.4.16 Bhutan - Country Report
CMS/CAF/Inf.4.17 Yemen - Country Report
CMS/CAF/Inf.5/Rev.1 Report of the Tashkent Meeting on the Central Asian-Indian Flyway (18-20 August 2001)
CMS/CAF/Inf.6 African-Eurasian Waterbird Agreement (AEWA)
CMS/CAF/Inf.7 Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals and Appendices
CMS/CAF/Inf.8 Provisional List of Participants
CMS/CAF/Inf.9 Background Paper for a Proposed Western/Central Asian Site Network for Siberian Cranes and Other Waterbirds
CMS/CAF/Inf.10 Asia-Pacific Migratory Waterbird Conservation Strategy (2001-2005)
CMS/CAF/Inf.11 Membership of CAF Range States in Biodiversity-related International Instruments
CMS/CAF/Inf.12 A Preliminary List of ongoing International Conservation Frameworks and Regional/National Activities that Contribute to Migratory Waterbird and Habitat Conservation in the Central Asian Flyway Region