6th Meeting of Signatories

The location on the map is approximate!
15 May 2007 to 19 May 2007
OrganizerCMS Secretariat, Bonn, Germany
CMS InstrumentSiberian Crane

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Number Title Files
UNEP/CMS/SC-6/Inf/1 MoU Siberian Crane: Status of Signatures
UNEP/CMS/SC-6/Inf/2 Provisional List of Participants
UNEP/CMS/SC-6/Inf/3 List of Competent Authorities/Focal Points
UNEP/CMS/SC-6/Inf/4 Contact Point Form
UNEP/CMS/SC-6/Inf/5 Report of the Fifth Meeting of Siberian Crane Range States, April 2004
UNEP/CMS/SC-6/Inf/6 MoU concerning Conservation Measures for the Siberian Crane and Conservation Plan
UNEP/CMS/SC-6/Inf/7 Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals and Appendices
UNEP/CMS/SC-6/Inf/8 Provisional Agenda: Heads of Delegations Meeting
UNEP/CMS/SC-6/Inf/9 Report of the Meeting on the Western/Central Asian Site Network for Siberian Cranes (and Other Waterbirds)
UNEP/CMS/SC-6/Inf/10 Partnership for Migratory Waterbirds and Habitat Sustainable Use in the East Asian - Australasian Flyway
UNEP/CMS/SC-6/Inf/11 Conserving Migratory Birds of Prey in Africa and Eurasia: A New International Initiative (Leaflet)
UNEP/CMS/SC-6/Inf/12 Siberian Crane Flyway News No.8 March 2007