National Reports

Document Number Title Publish date CMS Instrument
UNEP/CMS/COP14/NR.133 Zimbabwe - National Report COP14 26.05.2023 CMS
UNEP/CMS/COP13/NR.129 Zimbabwe - National Report COP13 27.08.2019 CMS
UNEP/CMS/COP12/Inf.25.47 Zimbabwe - National Report COP12 01.05.2017 CMS

Ratification status

CMS InstrumentStatusStatus dateNotes
Range State
African Carnivores Initiative
Range State
Range State


Official nameRepublic of Zimbabwe
Party number117
Entry into forceJune 2012


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National Legislation

Title Publish date
Zimbabwe National Elephant Management Plan (2021-2025) 01.01.2021
Statutory Instrument 71 of 2020: Parks and Wild Life (Specially Protected Animals) Regulations 01.01.2020
Statutory Instrument 72 of 2020: Parks and Wild Life (Specially Protected Animals) (Amendment of the Sixth Schedule to the Act) Notice 01.01.2020
Statutory Instrument 114 of 2019: Parks and Wild Life (General) (Amendment) Regulations 01.01.2019
Vulture Action Plan 01.01.2018
National Biological Strategic Action Plan 01.01.2014
Statutory Instrument 56 of 2012: Parks and Wildlife (Payment for Hunting of Animals and Fish) Notice 01.01.2012
Statutory Instrument 57 of 2012: Parks and Wildlife (Payment for Trapping of Wild Animals) Notice 01.01.2012
Zimbabwe Rhino Policy and Management Framework 2011-2016 01.01.2011
Public Finance Management Act [Chapter 22:19] 01.01.2009
National Environmental Policy and Strategies 01.01.2009
Cheetah and Wild Dog Management Plan 01.01.2009
Conservation Strategy and Action Plan for Lion (Panthera leo) in Zimbabwe 01.01.2006
Environmental Management Act [Chapter 20:27] 01.01.2002
Policy for Wild Life, 22 September 1999 01.01.1999
Statutory Instrument 26 of 1998: Parks and Wild Life (General) (Amendment) Regulations 01.01.1998
Statutory Instrument 76 of 1998: Parks and Wild Life (Import and Export) (Wild Life) Regulations 01.01.1998
Tourism Act [Chapter 14:20] 01.01.1995
Policy for Wildlife, 1 January 1992 01.01.1992
Statutory Instrument 362 of 1990: Parks and Wildlife (General) Regulations 01.01.1990
Protection of Wildlife (Indemnity) Act [Chapter 20:15] 01.01.1989
Rhodes Estates Act [Chapter 20:17] 01.01.1978
Parks and Wild Life Act [Chapter 20:14] 01.01.1975
Trapping of Animals (Control) Act [Chapter 20:21] 01.01.1973
Forest Act [Chapter 19:05] 01.01.1949