Turkmenistan lies on the Siberian Crane Central Flyway. Historical data about sightings of this species—as well as data from satellite tracking of a wild-born chick marked in the Kunovat River Basin in western Siberia in the summer of 1998—show that Siberian Cranes used the same flyway as Eurasian Cranes. Turkmenistan remains a stopover site for Eurasian Cranes, and though little information exists regarding Siberian Cranes’ use of the region in recent years, they may stop here briefly for rest during migration.The most suitable habitats for Siberian and Eurasian Cranes are located in the Tedzhen River Valley, where most intensive waterbird migration goes, and in the Kelif Lakes, where a Siberian Crane family with a marked chick stopped in 1998.

In May 2007, Turkmenistan nominated one site in WCASN: Durnaly

Map of Siberian Crane sightings in Turkmenistan (extract from Atlas of Key Sites for the Siberian Crane and Other Waterbirds (2010) [PDF 904 KB]