Third Meeting on Dugong Conservation and Management

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28 Oct 2007 to 31 Oct 2007
Instrument de la CMSDugong
TypeTechnical Meeting
PaysUnited Arab Emirates
VilleAbu Dhabi


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CMS/DUGONG/Report full Report of the Meeting (with annexes)
CMS/DUGONG/Report Report of the Meeting (without annexes)
CMS/DUGONG/Report Annex 1: List of Participants
CMS/DUGONG/Report Annex 2: Agenda
CMS/DUGONG/Report Annex 3: Dugong biology: The case for a CMS agreement”: Presentation by Helene Marsh
CMS/DUGONG/Report Annex 4: Presentations and Statements:
CMS/DUGONG/Report Annex 4a: Australian Presentation: Overview of Australian Dugong Activities
CMS/DUGONG/Report Annex 4b: Mayotte New Caledonia Presentation: Dugong conservation activities in France
CMS/DUGONG/Report Annex 4c quarter: Assessment of Dugong Occurrence and Distribution in an extended area of the Rakhine Coast of Western Myanmar
CMS/DUGONG//Report Annex 4c: Myanmar Presentation: The Present Status and Threats of Dugong in Myanmar
CMS/DUGONG/Report Annex 4c bis: Preliminary Assessment of Cetacean Catches in Coastal Waters near Myeik and Dawei in South-eastern Myanmar
CMS/DUGONG/Report Annex 4c ter: Capacity Building and Preliminary Assessment Pn Dugong (Dugong dugon) Occurrence off the Rakhine Coast of Myanmar
CMS/DUGONG/Report Annex 4d: Thailand Presentation: Dugong (Dugong dugon) and Seagrass in Thailand: Present Status and Future Challenges
CMS/DUGONG/Report Annex 4e: SPREP Presentation: SPREP Dugong Action Plan 2008-2012 Pacific Islands Region
CMS/DUGONG/Report Annex 4e bis SPREP Marine Species Programme 2008-2012
CMS/DUGONG/Report Annex 4f: Opening Address by H.E. Majid Al Mansouri, United Arab Emirates
CMS/DUGONG/Report Annex 4g: Statement by H.E. Mohamed Maharage Juma, United Republic of Tanzania
CMS/DUGONG/Report Annex 5: Threats to Dugongs in the Eastern Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean Regions (CMP Objectives 1 & 3)
CMS/DUGONG/Report Annex 6: Management tools to address threats to Dugongs in the Eastern Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean Regions (CMP Objectives 1, 3, 5, 7, 8)
CMS/DUGONG/Report Annex 7: Information Gaps in the Eastern Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean Regions (CMP Objectives 2 and 4)
CMS/DUGONG/Report Annex 8: Dugong Memorandum of Understanding
CMS/DUGONG/Report Annex 9: Dugong Conservation and Management Plan