Designated on 18 May 2007 in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Country: Turkmenistan

Coordinates: 36050’N; 60045’E

Area:175,000 ha

Overview. The site is located in the foothills of the Eastern Kopetdag Mountain Range, bordering the Tedzhen floodplains to the east and Karakumdaria River to the north. The site has rarified vegetation, partially developed for irrigated land cultivation: grain (wheat, barley) and a lesser extent for forage cultures and cotton. Surface waters are created due to natural flow of the Meana-Chaacha Rivers, and also due to water supplement along small channels from the Tedzhen and Karakumdaria Rivers.

Importance for the Siberian Crane. In over 100 years only one sighting has been registered at a distance of 70 km northwest of the nominated territory. However the territory should be considered as an appropriate habitat for this species.

Importance for other cranes species and other waterbirds. Wintering site for Eurasian Cranes and migration route for Demoiselle and Eurasian Cranes.

The territory regularly supports over five thousand waterbirds at one count during migration.

Map of Durnaly   [PDF 430 KB]

WCASN Site Information Sheet   [PDF 1,110 KB]

Sheet of Important Bird Area Birdlife International

Fact Sheet of Durnaly [PDF 1,865 KB]