United Arab Emirates National Plan of Action for the Conservation and Management of Sharks


The United Arab Emirates’ National Plan of Action for the Conservation and Management (NPOA) of Sharks consists of goals and objectives to ensure the conservation of sharks and their sustainable use as well as identifies issues and challenges that should be considered in the context of shark conservation, and actions. The actions in UAE’s NPOA were developed based on the identified issues and highlight the need to work on a collaborative basis with various stakeholders both in the UAE and the broader region to achieve four main goals: To improve UAE’s knowledge of sharks species and fisheries and their role in the ecosystem, ensure effective policy, legislation and enforcement mechanisms and develop a national, regional and international framework for cooperation; enable effective conservation through capacity building; and undertake education and outreach programs to improve awareness of the general public. 

Author(s)UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment
Published DateSeptember 2020
Publication LanguageArabic
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