North America

Shark shocker: 20-foot great white 'Deep Blue' caught on camera

The great white shark known as 'Deep Blie' is nearly 20 feet long and is thought to be the largest great white ever cauight on film

24 July 2018

Tagged shark breaks travel distance record

Hell’s Bay, a male mako shark, has shattered records by traveling the equivalent of halfway around the globe over the course of 600 days.

27 January 2017

Hunting sharks - for science

They are majestic, awe-inspiring and not a little bit terrifying. But for Chris Fischer, a one-time fisherman and now a devoted conservationist, they are a mystery that needs to be solved.

19 May 2016

Tourism with bite: swimming with the great white shark

Diving off Guadalupe Island was a biologist’s paradise for shark specialist Lauren Smith. The best bit? Seeing the drama of a great white shark defecatin.

19 January 2016

Study: Conservation Priorities for Shark and Ray Species included and proposed for inclusion in Annex 1 to the CMS Sharks MOU

The Sharks MOU has defined general objectives for the conservation and management of species and populations listed in Annex 1 of the MOU, which are further detailed in a global Conservation Plan for migratory Sharks (Annex 3 to the MOU).
18 October 2015

UPS Halts Shark Fin Shipments

Sandy Springs-based UPS has stopped accepting shipments of shark fins, following criticism of the practice.

20 August 2015

Stranded great white shark rescued from Massachusetts beach – video

A young great white shark is rescued from a sandbar in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, on Tuesday.

15 July 2015

Sawfish escape extinction through 'virgin births', scientists discover

A routine DNA study has revealed surprising results which suggest that female sawfish in Florida are reproducing without mating with males

01 June 2015

Tagged mako shark traveled more than 7,300 in less than a year

Like his human counterparts, it eseems a shortfin mako shark tagged in Maryland has decided to visit the tropical waters off Puerto Rico

26 March 2015

WHMSI - Migratory Species: Biological, Cultural, and Economic Assets of the Americas

WHMSI (the Western Hemisphere Migratory Species Initiative) seeks to contribute significantly to the conservation of the migratory species of the Western Hemisphere by strengthening communication and cooperation among nations, international conventions and civil society, and by expanding constituencies and political support. The initiative includes all migratory species, covering taxa as diverse as birds, marine turtles, marine and terrestrial mammals, fish and invertebrates.

06 March 2014