Simon J.B. Gulak

A Guide to Landing Shark Species with Fins Naturally Attached

As directed by the Shark Finning Prohibition Act (H.R. 5461 (106th)), the United States continues to work with countries form accross the globe to encourage a fins-attached approach to shark fisheries. To help promote adoption of these regualtions, this document provides details on the at-sea processing of sharks while maintaining their find naturally attached.

09 December 2019

Allometric Relationships for Species Captured in Longline Fisheries from the Western North Atlantic

This report provides an update of allometric relationships for species commonly captured in the longline fisheries in the western North Atlantic.

09 December 2019

Visual Identification of Fins from Common Elasmobranchs in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean

This field guide has been designed to assist in identification of shark fins, based on morphological characteristics of the fin (i.e. fin color, distinct markings, fin shape) to be used by wildlife inspectors, customs personnel, researchers and fishers to provisionally identify detached, dried, unprocessed dorsal and pectoral fins from Large Coastal Sharks (LCS) and Pelagic Sharks that are common in the U.S.

09 December 2019