At The Second Meeting of the Signatories to the Sharks MOU (MOS2) it was agreed to establish a Conservation Working Group (CWG) under the guidance of the Advisory Committee (AC).

The purpose of the CWG is to serve and assist the AC and complement areas where expertise within the AC is needed. 

In particular, the group was tasked with developing a strategy for cooperation with Regional Seas Conventions and Action Plans, Regional Fisheries Management Organizations and fisheries-related organizations as outlined in its Terms of Reference


The selection of experts to form the CWG was primarily based on the list of experts as agreed by AC1 and MOS2. The experts included to date are: 

Name Contact

Nick Dulvy

David Ebert

Sonja Fordham

Sarah Fowler

Michelle Heupel

Julia Lawson

Glenn Sant

Colin Simpfendorfer

Barry Baker 

Rui Coelho


Further expertise can be nominated by the Signatories and the AC using the nomination form