Sharks MOU Cooperating Partners - Advance Notice of Applications Received

As you may recall, the MOU may be signed by cooperating partners, as outlined in paragraph 30 of that document.   The Intersessional Working Group (IWG), established at MOS1, has been developing draft Terms of Reference for such Cooperating Partners.   This draft will be made available to all Signatories as document MOS2/Doc 11.1 in the coming week.  


In preparation for the Second Meeting of Signatories (MOS2, 15-19 February, 2016), the IWG requested the Secretariat to contact NGOs which had already indicated an interest in becoming Cooperating Partners.     This was done in October 2015, and a total of six positive replies have been received:  IFAW, Manta Trust, Project Aware, Shark Advocates International, Shark Trust and WCS have all expressed their interest in becoming Cooperating Partners to the MOU.  They would join Humane Society International Australia and Humane Society International USA, which were admitted at MOS1 in 2012. 


While the procedure for admitting Partners will only be considered for adoption at MOS2, the IWG felt it would be good to give Signatories an opportunity to study the prospective applicants before the meeting.   


You are invited to consider the attached applications, and come to MOS2, ready to decide on whether to admit these organizations as Cooperating Partners.   

Last updated on 27 November 2015