Sharks MOS3 Kicking off in Monaco


Monaco, 10 December 2018 - Invited by the Principality of Monaco, Signatories to the CMS Sharks MOU come together for the third time to agree conservation measures for migratory species of sharks and rays.

In the beautiful, historical setting of the Museum for Oceanography of Monaco, M. Robert Calcagno, the director of the Museum, set the scene by emphasizing the urgent need for action to halt the ongoing decline of shark and ray populations.

He reminded the Signatories of the of the proclamation made by H. S. H. Prince Albert I more than a hundred years ago, of the harmful effects of overfishing and his call for better regulation. Later during the day, his great grandson , H. S. H. Prince Albert II, a known champoin for the conservation of marine species and great supporter of CMS, welcomed the delegates at a reception.

Opening address by M. Robert Calcagno (Director, Museum for Oceanography, Monaco)

Last updated on 15 January 2019