Sharks and Rays at CMS COP 11 - What comes next?

Article in the Save our Seas Foundation Magazine - Summer issue 

A record number of migratory sharks and rays were listed for global protection at the CMS COP11, held in Quito, Ecuador in 2014. 

But, what comes next? 

Read more  about shark conservation under CMS and the next steps and challenges for the international protection of migratory sharks and rays in the lates issue of the Save our Seas Magazine - words by Andrea Pauly. 

Photo: Save our Seas Foundation Magazine


Last updated on 04 February 2021

Unsustainable fishing and harvesting aquatic resources
Illegal trade
Habitat loss and degradation
Alopias pelagicus
Alopias superciliosus
Alopias vulpinus
Anoxypristis cuspidata
Carcharhinus falciformis
Carcharodon carcharias
Cetorhinus maximus
Isurus oxyrinchus
Isurus paucus
Lamna nasus
Manta alfredi
Manta birostris
Mobula eregoodootenkee
Mobula hypostoma
Mobula japanica
Mobula kuhlii
Mobula mobular
Mobula munkiana
Mobula rochebrunei
Mobula tarapacana
Mobula thurstoni
Pristis clavata
Pristis pectinata
Pristis pristis
Pristis zijsron
Rhincodon typus
Sphyrna lewini
Sphyrna mokarran
Squalus acanthias
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