Scientific Council Strategic & Planning Meeting

The location on the map is approximate!

The Strategic and Planning Meeting of the Scientific Council will take place on the 9-11 October 2013 in the Italian city of Formia, at the kind invitation of the Natural Park Riviera d’Ulisse and the Lazio Region.

It will be a special meeting with the main objective of brainstorming on how the structure and modus operandi of the Council can be adjusted to better meet the scientific needs and challenges of CMS. This is in line with Resolution 10.9 on the Future Shape Process, that recommends  to review the structure of the Scientific Council to maximize expertise and knowledge capacity.  

This meeting is not foreseen in the CMS core budget and this is why it is not possible to invite all Scientific Councillors to participate. Only the COP-appointed councillors and Chairs of Scientific Council Working Groups have been invited, and consequently it will be a very small meeting.

The next (the 18th) ordinary meeting of the Scientific Council  will take place in mid-2014, the precise dates still to be determined.

CMS Ad hoc Meeting on Harmonization of Bird Taxonomy

8 October 2013, Formia, Italy

The Ad Hoc Meeting will discuss taxonomical and nomenclatural references for bird species as possibilities for adoption by CMS, within the process of harmonization of taxonomy across MEAs. Documents related to this meeting can be found at the bottom of the table below.

08 Oct 2013 to 11 Oct 2013
OrganizerUNEP/CMS Secretariat
CMS InstrumentCMS

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