Half the world's saiga antelopes died in two weeks. Now what?

A massive and mysterious die off in the spring/summer of 2015 killed tens of thousands of saiga, an Asian antelope

03 November 2015

Half of world's rare antelope population died within weeks

Scientists are struggling to explain the mass die-off of at least 150,000 endangered saiga antelopes in Kazakhstan earlier this year.

03 November 2015

Countries Agree on Actions to Help Save Saiga Antelopes

Saiga Range Countries and Experts Convene in Tashkent Following Saiga Mass Mortality Event

03 November 2015

More Than Half of Entire Species of Saigas Gone in Mysterious Die-Off

Scientists now estimate that at least 211,000 endangered saiga antelopes — 88 percent of the Betpak-dala population in Kazakhstan and more than half of the species — died

02 November 2015

Saiga Conservation: Setting the Roadmap for the Years to Come

Tashkent / Bonn, 26 October 2015 – The Third Meeting of the Signatories to the Memorandum of Understanding concerning Conservation, Restoration and Sustainable Use of the Saiga Antelope (Saiga MOU) and Technical Workshop for saiga antelope experts is taking place this week from 26 to 29 October 2015 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan with representatives of governments, UN agencies, NGOs and academia in attendance.

26 October 2015

Study: Conservation Priorities for Shark and Ray Species included and proposed for inclusion in Annex 1 to the CMS Sharks MOU

The Sharks MOU has defined general objectives for the conservation and management of species and populations listed in Annex 1 of the MOU, which are further detailed in a global Conservation Plan for migratory Sharks (Annex 3 to the MOU).
18 October 2015

Guidelines for Addressing the Impact of Linear Infrastructure on Large Migratory Mammals in Central Asia

Guidelines describing the application of best practices to address the impacts of linear infrastructure
development at the project and national level in order to maintain connectivity for wildlife populations
in the face of growing infrastructure development in Central Asia.
23 February 2017

Why did 60,000 antelope die in four days?

The plains of central Kazakhstan are littered with dead antelope, 60,000 of them -- an entire herd wiped out in just four days. And no one is exactly sure how or why.

04 September 2015

Passage sécurisé pour les animaux sauvages en Mongolie

Des représentants de gouvernement, de l’industrie, des banques de développement, des agences de l’ONU, des ONG et des scientifiques se sont réunis à Ulaanbaatar du 24 au 28 août afin de trouver des solutions garantissant que les animaux des steppes puissent traverser les routes, les chemins de fer et les barrières.

31 August 2015