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The Sustainable Use of Saiga Antelopes: Perspectives and Prospects Technical Reports September 2021 CMS Secretariat
Standard Operating Procedures for detecting and reacting to incidents of health risks for and die-offs in Saiga antelopes and other wildlife in Kazakhstan Guidelines 2016
Fact Sheet on Solutions for Wildlife-Friendly Infrastructure in Central Asia Fact Sheet September 2015 UNEP/CMS Secretariat
Guidelines for Addressing the Impact of Linear Infrastructure on Large Migratory Mammals in Central Asia Guidelines 2014 UNEP/CMS Secretariat, Wildlife Conservation Society
Saiga Crossing Options Guidelines 2013 UNEP/CMS Secretariat, FZS, FFI, ACBK
CMS Family Album Leaflets & Brochures August 2011 UNEP/CMS Secretariat
Convention on Migratory Species - Brochure Leaflets & Brochures 2008 UNEP/CMS Secretariat
Living Planet: Connected Planet - Preventing the End of the World´s Wildlife Migrations through Ecological Networks Leaflets & Brochures UNEP, GRID-Arendal.