Neophron percnopterus

The Coordinating Unit of the Raptors MoU is pleased to announce the successful completion of a Fieldwork Capacity Building Project to support the conservation of migratory Egyptian Vultures of the Balkan Region on their wintering grounds in Ethiopia, Sudan and Chad. The Fieldwork Capacity Building Project was focused on training a small number of local African ornithologists to undertake surveys of Egyptian Vultures in their own countries.

01 May 2014
Common names
EnglishEgyptian Vulture
FrenchVautour percnoptère; Percnoptère, Percnoptère d'Égypte
SpanishAlimoche común, Abanto, Guirre, Buitre egipcio
Formerly listed aspart of the order Falconiformes
Scientific name Neophron percnopterus

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